Principal's Message

It is therefore, pertinent to make a mention of the feats and achievements that the College has acquired over the past few years. What falls into the scheme and agenda are the conferring by the UGC to Sibsagar College the status of Centre with Potential for Excellence in 2007, the establishing of a B.Ed College christened Sibsagar College of Teachers’ Education with due permission from the National Council of Teachers’ Education (NCTE), establishing modern research laboratories like Material Science Laboratory, Biotechnology Hub, Superconductivity and Thin Film Laboratory, instituting Sibsagar College Study Centres under KKHSOU and Directorate of Distance Education, Dibrugarh University et al. What can be regarded as a shot in the arm is the recent visit of a Peer Team of Dibrugarh University for conducting an inspection of the Department of English which submitted a proposal for opening Post Graduation in English in the regular mode. Moreover, National Seminars have been a regular feature alongside an International Conference held in 2012 with unprecedented success. The prerogative is to promote Research Culture toeing contemporary trends and instil it into the minds of young learners cutting across both the Streams: Science and Humanities.
It is against the backdrop of the aforesaid features and considerable infrastructural expanse buttressed yet again by a very competent faculty that the College envisions to march ahead with cooperation, support, feedback, expertise and exhortations from all stakeholders.
I, therefore, take this opportunity to extend a big and warm welcome to all to Sibsagar College, Joysagar to accompany us in our long journey to the zenith of excellence such that the College becomes a role model with potential and standards which others are encouraged to emulate.

Dr. Profulla Chandra Kalita
Principal & Secretary
Sibsagar College, Joysagar